so into this

clearing: the space between the journey experienced, and the one yet to unfold

formulated to acknowledge transitions in life; the shift from summer to fall, a new haircut or a new home, or the start of something big!

our signature fragrance can be hard to describe, but imagining a subtle smile from across the room is a good start. notes of violet, musk, sandalwood, and cedar evoke calm and joy.

an invitation to intention

i am a merchant, an entrepreneur, and a creative at my core. i believe this moment to share life's accumulation of inspiration and gratitude has arrived through the lens of so.into.this.

so.into.this is a moment, a reflection, an experience. it is presence, captured. it's an observation that's deeper than just showing up. it's intentional living, awareness of self, noticing the quiet subtleties throughout a day. it's a level of gratitude and thoughtfulness that just is, always.

from the music we surround ourselves with, to the items on our coffee table, to the people and places we spend our time with. let all of our choices be a story well told and a life well lived.